Bringing Anesthesiology and Law Together, Conceptually and Factually


Terrance Vaisvilas - in surgical scrubs

I am available for expert consultation, case review, report preparation and expert witness testimony in the specialty of anesthesiology, including anesthesia malpractice, operating room policy and procedure, recovery room policy and procedure, anesthesiologist disability, medical necessity for regulatory compliance, and peer review or disciplinary matters.

My review of the medical facts will be thorough and impartial. I will not exclude any relevant information. My opinion will reflect scientific evidence and accepted practice standards prevalent at the time of the event in question. I will assess whether the practice was causally related to the adverse outcome and distinguish between anesthesia malpractice and adverse outcomes not necessarily related to negligent anesthesia care.

Consultant Services:
  • Medical records analysis and expert opinions​
  • Expert report writing
  • Identify other potential defendants and witnesses
  • Prepare the medical witnesses
  • Anticipate and analyze the opponent's medical strategies, positions and arguments
  • Case and witness strategy
  • Prepare counsel for discovery and trial
  • Provide expert testimony that makes sense to the jury